Krikor Daglian

Krikor Daglian was born in NYC, grew up in suburban NJ and went to college in Maine, but after a few months living in London, he realized that he wanted to live in a city again, so he decided to come back to where it all began.

Now a New York City resident for nearly twenty years, Krikor has walked, biked, driven, subway-ed, bused and boated around much of the city. During his time here, he’s played in a couple of rock bands, written and edited for a guidebook to the city, worked in many different industries (web start-up, market research, beauty), prowled the city as a street photographer and generally absorbed as much as he could about the many facets of New York’s rich culture.

Bowery Boys Walks Tours:

“Artists, Oddballs & Provocateurs: East Village since the 1950s”

Podcasts Featuring Krikor:

Ray (of Ray’s Candy Store), Krikor and Greg Young recording a Bowery Boys podcast in the East Village.