New York World’s Fair Virtual Walking Tour

Walk through the “World of Tomorrow”

What’s better than reliving a World’s Fair? Reliving TWO World’s Fairs at once!

Long-time World’s Fair historian Kyle Supley will lead this limited edition “virtual tour” — which you can take from the comfort of your own home!

The next tours are on Thursday, September 17th at 7 pm and Wednesday, September 30th at 7 pm.

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NOTE: This tour is given as a video conference call. When you book your ticket, you’ll be emailed further instructions about how to join the call.

The tour

Tour the site of the New York World’s Fairs of 1939/40 & 1964/65 as we celebrate the 80th and 55th Anniversaries of the Fairs! Historian and World’s Fair collector Kyle Supley will lead you on a fun-filled and fascinating walk, in which you’ll hear about the planning and construction of the Fairs, while visiting the sites of the Fairs’ most famous exhibits.

You’ll visit the site where Salvador Dali had his living art installation, where Michelangelo’s Pieta graced the grounds, where the first talking (and smoking) robot entertained, and where two time capsules still exist (and will until the year 6939)!

You’ll hear why the Fairs were located here, the drama of planning and construction, and the Fairs eventual conversion into Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

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Tour highlights

Get ready to visit…

  • Remnants of both the 1939-1940 and 1964-1965 Fairs
  • Where the first commercial television was shown to the public
  • The spot where Borden’s “Elsie the Cow” mooooved her audiences to tears
  • The site of a singing and smoking robot-man and his pet dog, Sparko!
  • Where an Andy Warhol Mural about convicted felons was almost displayed!
  • The spot where Johnny Weissmuller, aka “Tarzan“, did high dives before thousands
  • Where a miniature New York City exists to this day…
  • … AND much, much more.


90 minutes


Person – $20
(All Ages Welcome!)

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Upcoming dates

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Please Note

  • This is a virtual tour. We will send you a Zoom link after you register.

Prep for our New York World’s Fair Walking Tour by listening to the episode “The World of Tomorrow”.